How can a lawyer help you in facing school disciplinary action? 

 February 10, 2023

Students get into trouble often due to minor mistakes or undisciplined behavior. But, sometimes there are academic misconducts that can result in severe punishment like rustication. If you are accused of cheating, plagiarism, forgery on academic records, and other similar unfair activity, then an education lawyer can help you in dealing with the situation. Academic misconduct can cause suspension or even a permanent mark on your academic records that will impact your future career and employment goals. After facing disciplinary action at school, you along with your parents will have to go through the appeal panel to defend yourself or appeal for a lighter punishment or waive the matter completely. So here is how a lawyer from firms like Lento Law Firm can help you in the process:


  1. Appear in the disciplinary panel: Appearing in front of the academic panel and appealing for yourself can be challenging as being an offender you won’t be able to state facts properly due to the pressure of so many higher authority people sitting in front of you. Hence, an education lawyer will represent you and discuss the matter to get you the best outcome.


  1. Negotiate for a lighter punishment: The decision of the academic panel is final and can result in your expulsion. Unfortunately, negotiating with the academic panel is challenging and nearly impossible. Therefore, an experienced attorney knows how to talk and put the statements correctly and negotiate on your behalf. Your lawyer will also offer alternative ways to pay back your offense.


  1. Identify if you were falsely accused: Sometimes the pressure of being accused of an offense is so much that people can’t logically analyze if the situation they are in is authentic. A lawyer will analyze the entire matter and determine if the school is accusing you of the right thing or if someone else’s mistake caused you to face disciplinary action.


  1. Gather evidence: Whether you are guilty or you were falsely accused, you must present the evidence in your favor to either reduce the punishment or prove your innocence. A lawyer will help you understand what evidence is important and how you can obtain it. Also, your attorney will help you prepare your statement for when you appear in the panel.


The process after you are accused of academic misconduct in your school must go smoothly. If you present the right facts and details in front of the academic panel then there are chances you will face a lighter punishment. Also, a professional who has experience in the field will guide you on how to proceed further and tackle the matter. It can be stressful for a student and their parents to deal with so many regulations and consult with the authorities when their child is at fault. Moreover, if an expert is representing you, they will offer relief as you will be assisted in the entire process.


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