How To Play Slingo Slot Games Online? 

 September 22, 2022

Slot machines are a favourite in online casinos, but recently, a new game called Slingo has gained many players’ attention. In 1994, Slingo Inc. was founded by New Jersey real estate developer Sal Falciglia Sr. Although there are thousands of slot games and just a few dozen Slingo games, you should still learn how to play both – discover more today.

Although there are thousands of slot games and just a few dozen Slingo games, you should still learn how to play both. The article helps you know how to play Slingo games and which symbols or bonus features are included.

Slingo Bonus Features

Slingo Games’ additional features are a big part of the appeal and keep players returning for more of their favourites. The standard bonus features found in slot machines are included in all Slingo games. In particular, they are:

  1. Joker: Sits randomly on a spinning reel and lets you choose which box above or below it to check.
  2. Super Joker is another symbol that shows up randomly on a reel as it spins. Choose any cell in the grid to check off this time!
  3. Devil: If it’s on the reel, it stops any win on its line.
  4. Free Spin: A random symbol that gives you a free spin, which could help you win more money.
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Not only that, but certain Slingo Games include bonus levels where you can double your win. These bonus levels depend on your number of lines when the main game is over. Slingo Centurion’s extra stages have names like “Prizes on Parade,” “Road to Rome,” and “Reelus Maximus.”

Each game with such a bonus game also includes a detailed walkthrough on how to play it. They are meant to make the game more exciting and may offer a bigger prize after the main game is over.

Explaining Slingo and How to Play

Slingo is a hybrid of the two popular gambling games, slots and bingo, and offers increased payouts and a more exciting experience. A Slingo game’s layout consists of a spinning reel with five numbers.

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A 5×5 bingo board with 25 numbers is shown above the reel as it spins. Once you’ve made your wager and the game has begun, you’ll have up to 20 opportunities to spin the reel.

Each time the reel stops, five new digits are shown. If the value is the same as the one preset in the column, then the fixed value is removed. Repeat this process until all of the preset numbers have been crossed off.

Slingos are awarded when players complete a 5-number row in any direction (diagonally, vertically, or horizontally). The more rows you complete, the higher your bonus multiplier will get.

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You can boost your chances of having your rows filled by betting additional money after your turns have ended. It’s essential to remember that your stake is fixed no matter how many spins or numbers you get to cross off.

Each game has its unique system of bonuses that you’ll need to learn to take advantage of. When you complete a certain number of rows, you unlock extra features that may improve your winnings. But the core mechanisms of each given Slingo game remain the same.

Rules of Online Slingo

  • The Joker is a wild card that may replace any other symbol on the reels.
  • A Super Joker is a special wild card that may replace ANY number on the whole playing field.
  • If you get 3 jokers or super jokers, you win CASH RIGHT Away.
  • A coin gives you cash right away.
  • If the devil shows up, it will stop any possible matches from happening, so be careful.
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