Ideas for spring wedding menu 

 October 4, 2022

Yes, you can enjoy all kinds of food during the year. But, sometimes – for some occasions, you need to be specific with your menu so that everyone enjoys their time. Now, when you imagine spring – you can think of everything fresh, etc. so, if you are planning for a sprig wedding – you need to plan your menu according to the season.


To help you with it – here are some ideas for the spring wedding menu.

Some Tips

There is a reason why there are different courses on a menu. So, don’t serve your food all at once. People will not be able to enjoy everything like this, as they will be overwhelmed by the diversity. So, try to serve each course separately and divide the food accordingly.



Just like the feel of the season. Try to keep it light when you plan your appetizers. It is because people will need something too much while they wait for the food. But, if you will serve them heavy food items – they won’t be able to enjoy the main course as much.


Now, let’s talk about the menu. Here are some options.

  • Shrimp rolls – delicious and light on the stomach. People will be able to enjoy a distinctive taste while still having space for the rest of the meal.
  • Fruit salad – nothing matches more with the vibe of spring. You can serve people will a mixed fruit bowl or give them lots of options that they can play around with. If you have less than 50 people at your wedding – try setting up a fruit bar so people can add their

favorite fruits to the mix.

Main course

The main course is where people will have more expectations from the food. You need to play it safe with some options but also experiment according to the weather. Here are some options that you can explore.

  • Steaks – you can serve people steaks for the main course. If you can afford it, try having more options. So people can enjoy their preferred meat options. A pro tip would be to serve the same base with different sauces. So, people can choose the sauce that they would like. In this way – you will be safe with your options.
  • Glazed scallops – keeping it close to the weather. You need more “light” options. Scallops can make up for a great side item with the steaks.
  • Wings – you might raise an eyebrow at this option. but, wings can make up for a great item on your menu. You can play around with a number of sauces. And trust us, people will destroy them in seconds.


You can have a ton of options for drinks, try keeping a balance between the drinks. A great option would be to dutch alcohol and add fresh drinks to the menu. For example;


Fresh juices – you can have orange, apple, and pineapple juice on the menu. Everyone will be able to enjoy their favorite drink while staying healthy.

Lemonade – there is nothing as refreshing as lemonade!

Mint margarita – it will be a safe option for you as the majority of people do enjoy a mint margarita.


Well, we don’t have a long list of desserts. All you need is a chocolate fountain with a lot of condiments. People will have the time of their life trying to drench different things into chocolate.

End note


Crafting a menu for your wedding can be a tedious task. But, this guide will help you save time so you can save the date cards and send out wedding invitations card.

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